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At Suburban Dental Medicine, we are happy to provide you with options for brightening your smile. In addition to our take-home whitening kits, we also provide laser teeth whitening in Elgin, Illinois. This is a convenient and comfortable way to get the smile you have always wanted, and you will not be able to wait to show everyone the results! To plan your visit with our dentist, Dr. Rubina Nguyen, call our office today at 847-854-3031.

The treatment is done in a single, convenient visit to our office and you will notice the results immediately. Dr. Nguyen uses the Precise Diode Laser system to improve the color of your teeth. The process is simple and does not require wearing a tray and waiting for a gel to take effect. The dentist will apply a special paste to your teeth and focus a low-level laser on each tooth for approximately 40 seconds. Not only can our treatment remove the usual stains from the things you eat and drink, but it is also extremely effective for addressing the discoloration caused by tetracycline.

A brighter smile is just one visit away with Dr. Nguyen. Call our office today to schedule your appointment to discuss your whitening options.

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People may be living longer, but they are not necessarily living better, and our dentist and team believe that needs to change. While we improve patients’ smiles, we also want to improve their heart health and their lives. Along with traditional dental treatments, we also offer sleep medicine, and can help you understand the relationship between your smile and your cardiovascular system. At our office, we offer better smiles, better sleep and better lives.