About Us

About Suburban Dental Medicine

Our brand-new Elgin practice opened in May of 2017. However, our providers have decades of experience when it comes to caring for our patients’ smiles and overall well-being. Dr. Rubina Nguyen chose to open her practice in Elgin to better serve her sleep dentistry patients in a location convenient to local specialists, sleep physicians, cardiologists, and hospitals.

Our Mission

At Suburban Dental Medicine, our mission is to provide outcome based dental care that optimizes your overall health and well-being...balancing life, health and technology. We want you to feel at home with our well trained, compassionate dental care providers. Once you come to Suburban Dental Medicine, you will want to stay with us!

Education is key to our practice’s philosophy of care. The better educated you are regarding your overall wellness and health symptoms, the more control you have over your quality of life. A cornerstone of our preventative outlook is screening for life-threatening conditions like sleep apnea, and treating them with CPAP alternatives such as oral appliances.

Our Technology

We’re a metal-free, 100% digital dental practice. During your visit, we utilize advanced technology and imaging equipment to enhance your knowledge of your oral and systemic health. Our practice is entirely modern, with convenient Wi-Fi and televisions in each of the operatories for you to enjoy.

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