New Patients

Your First Visit to Suburban Dental Medicine

Most new patient appointments will be about an hour in length. Depending on what your needs and concerns are, we’re here to discuss your smile, your overall health, and any conditions that may be a sign of a larger problem that needs to be addressed.

When You Arrive

Please plan to bring your new patient paperwork with you, or arrive a few minutes early to complete it before your scheduled appointment. Once you arrive, we’ll escort you to the exam room to meet our Elgin dentist. We’ll thoroughly review your medical history, any conditions you’re currently struggling with, and assess your smile to screen for everything from gum disease to potential sleeping disorders.

First time patients may also need to have a series of dental x-rays taken, so that we can fully assess each of your teeth and the bone around them. If possible, we’ll also take a full mouth set of x-rays so that we have a baseline record to compare future visits against.

In most cases we will also clean your teeth (if no gum disease is present) so that you’re good to go for another six months.

Have a Major Concern?

If you have any specific concerns, such as a broken tooth or area that’s bothering you, it will be the very first thing that we address. We can usually start to treat or completely fix it right away.

Maybe there are underlying conditions that need to be treated. If that’s the case, our Elgin dentist will go over your recommended care plan so that you can know exactly what to expect. In some cases, your symptoms may be an indication that there’s a significant, underlying health problem that needs to be addressed. Affordable financing plans are available.

Call Suburban Dental Medicine today to schedule your next visit!