Preventive Dentistry in Elgin IL

Preventive Dentistry and Fight Gum Disease

Family of three, after receiving preventive dentistry services at Suburban Dental Medicine, all smile with their good luck at finding the best practice in Elgin IL.A healthy foundation for your smile impacts everything. That’s why it’s vital to keep your teeth, gums, and bone healthy through ongoing preventive care.

At Suburban Dental Medicine, we offer a full menu of preventive dentistry treatments to help you prevent, reverse, and stop dental diseases before they get worse. We work closely with our patients to provide them with the educational resources necessary to avoid complicated dental problems in the future.

Oral Hygiene

When you brush and floss, only about 75% of the bacteria in your mouth are removed. The rest accumulate in crevices that we can’t reach. To make sure we maintain a healthy bacterial level that’s free of inflammation, candidiasis, and disease, it’s important to have your teeth cleaned at a minimum of every three to six months.

Deep Cleanings/Scaling and Root Planing

Having gum disease means that there is a high bacterial load under your gums, leading to swelling, tartar buildup, and receding gumlines. This phase of disease requires treatment — not prevention — and a deep cleaning can help you get back to the point of only needing preventive cleanings again.

Because inflammation (associated with gum disease) is the hallmark of so many other diseases — including heart disease, cancer, and pain — it’s vital that we address this infection as soon as it’s diagnosed.

Athletic Guards

Have an athlete (of any age) in your family? A custom fitted mouthguard can protect you against broken teeth and concussions.

Occlusal Guards

Clenching and grinding can cause your teeth to wear down or break. It may even lead to chronic headaches or migraines. Wearing a protective guard can safeguard your smile investments.

Anti-Snoring Guards

Are you a chronic snorer but don’t have sleep apnea? Is it starting to interfere with you or your sleep partner’s rest? We offer anti-snoring guards to help you get a quieter night’s sleep.

Fluoride Treatments

If you have sensitive teeth or are at a high risk of developing cavities, we recommend a fluoride varnish application at least every six months.

Checkups for Kids

Young patient seeing his kids dentist at Suburban Dental Medicine.We begin seeing children at age 1 for checkups. They’re also welcome to come along with their parent to get a feel for our office environment. Our Elgin kids dental team believes that dental care for kids should be a positive experience.

Tooth Sealants

Tooth sealants are thin plastic covers painted onto the chewing surfaces of the premolars and molars. They act as a ‘seal’ to prevent food from collecting in the tooth grooves, which can otherwise become hotbeds for bacteria. Dental sealants form a protective shield over the hard to clean back teeth, so that the chance of cavities is drastically reduced.

Healthy Mouth. Healthy Body.

In many cases, your dental health can be a reflection of your overall wellness and underlying medical issues. Even inflammation along the gums can be a warning sign for something more serious, like heart disease or cancer.

At Suburban Dental Medicine, you’re more to us than just a smile; you’re a person who deserves the resources and tools necessary to prevent disease or stop it in its early stages. Contact our Elgin dentist today for more information.

With our menu of general dentistry and restorative services, Suburban Dental Medicine strives to help our patients find the perfect smile-body balance when it comes to treating aggressive dental diseases.